sabato 29 dicembre 2012

What & why?

First of all, I think I need to spend a pair of words to introduce what is a "home-swap"!
Having a home swap means that you leave your home to another person or family you've never seen and known before! Maybe they live on the other part of the Globe...and this makes the experience much more interesting than you can imagine.
Exchanging home requires great flexibility and an open mind attitude. You have to take it easy and accept the possibility of  something going wrong.
But, first of all, you need to be interested in other people's life and in different styles of life.
This is the real news of that kind of travel: before the trip, you keep a long conversation by email with your potential partner, in order to understand if he/she is the right person for the experience.
It doesn't mean that you consider only the place where he/she lives, but, mostly, the kind of person he is and what this friendship can offer.
Sometimes you are so lucky to meet very interesting, kind and cozy persons you never want to let go...That's why I'm still in touch with some good friends all around the World.
Some good friend we've hosted in our house and in our heart...

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